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Safer Bars Workbook
Safer Bars Workbook
Assessing and Reducing Risks of Violence
Kathryn Graham
Price: $12.95 CAD each
Book | ISBN 978-0-88868-333-5 | 42 pages | Published: 2009 | English | Product Code: PG135

Operating a bar can be a risky business. Customers sometimes get carried away and injure themselves. Although it is not possible to reduce all risks in a bar, it is possible to minimize those risks by making changes to a bar. Reducing risks will make the bar safer for everyone and will lessen the chances of people filing lawsuits against bar owners and staff.

Research studies have identified risk factors that are associated with aggression in bars. Examples of risk factors are the degree of crowding, the atmosphere and the way staff treat customers. The purpose of Assessing and Reducing Risks of Violence is to provide a tool for making a comprehensive assessment of risk factors in individual establishments.